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Eschew the ‘poo

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I haven’t washed my hair with shampoo in two months. Gross, right?

Not really.

Okay, so here are the facts about daily hair washing with shampoo. It strips the oils and your whatever is all, “Dude, where’d all my oil go?” and it totally steps up the oil production to replenish what you’ve stripped. Plus some. And then if you skip a day, your hair is all, “Bonus oil! Awesome!!” because it’s thinking you’re just gonna strip it again. So that’s why people are like, “I have to wash my hair every day. If I don’t it gets too greasy!!!”  BUT – if you just stopped stripping it, all the oils would return to their balanced state and you wouldn’t have to wash it every day.  Especially those of you who have curly hair.

But back to me: I DO wash my hair, but I use this very earthy baking soda and water rinse that I squirt on my scalp and scrub in to loosen all the grit. Then I rinse the hell out of it – like… until I can no longer taste the baking soda in the water. And in freakin’ hot water.  The kind that makes you go, “Damn. This water’s hot.”  Supposedly it helps break up the oils (sebum) and distribute it or… whatever.

I just totally grossed you out, didn’t I?

Next I follow that with a 25/75 ratio of vinegar to water. I spray that on, let it sit for a few minutes while I continue about my bidness of cleaning the rest of me, then I rinse the whole thing out until… I can no longer taste the vinegar.

I just lost like all 5 of both of my reader, didn’t I? But wait, it gets better.

Then? I turn the water to as cold as I can stand and rinse my hair again while swearing.

I wash it with baking soda about once a week. I wash and condition with vinegar and hot as hell water every day.  I rinse with nipple torturing cold water every day. Quickly.

Rosie, what for with all the Earth Mother goodness? I dunno. Sometimes I read about something and think, I can do that. Only once have I ended up in jail for following this practice. I kid. OR DO I?  Anyway, I read somewhere how great it is for your hair to stop using shampoo because of cancer and shaft stripping (dirrrty) and stuff and then I read that sometimes? Sometimes it brings back the natural wave in your hair.


The results?

I have greasy hair.  I mean, it’s not like  greasy, but I can feel it. So I asked my kids who are always up for knocking down my self-esteem if my hair looked particularly nasty. They both said it didn’t.  Then they asked me for money.  Having the nagging feeling that my children weren’t being entirely honest with me I dropped in on my very good friend Hollie who happens to “do hair” for a living. Not that I take advantage of that last part. Much. Her “gift” and the fact that my cuts have never been better since I made her be my friend have no bearing on the reason why I made her be my friend.  Neither does the fact that I can drop Olivia off unannounced and be all, “Watch my kid!” and she’s all, “Whatever.” ANYWAY, so I went to Hollie and asked her if my hair looked gross and she said it did not.  Hollie is blunt and frank. She doesn’t mince words. If my hair looked bad she’d lean forward and be all, “What’s goin’ on with your hair?” And then I’d make her cut it. So my girls and my friend are in consensus that my hair doesn’t look greasy.

But does it look good?

It looks like hair. I’ve noticed the color (natural, including the grays) looks a little richer. The texture is fuller. And there maybe might be some wave attempting to bust through – body? Maybe. I dunno. I think so. Maybe? Still, I persist because I am going to grow my luscious locks to shoulder length (what every 40 year old woman with a round, basketball head should do, right? Hollie?) and see if they start bending.

My hair doesn’t smell like vinegar. My hair doesn’t smell like grease. My hair doesn’t smell like strawberries or freesia or cookies. It smells like hair. And that’s hug the tree nice and all, but I keep reading all these romances about how he loves the way her hair smells like strawberries/freesia/cookies and damn, I want him to love how my hair smells like strawberries/freesia/and cookies. (Can I fookin’ type strawberries/freesia/cookies any more??!) But I just realized that Jack has never been hung up on smells unless I’m like totally offensive and he thinks it’s best not to focus on that. Hmmm. I might have to ask.

ANYWAY… I’ve also found that I spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about my hair, and it also takes a long time to “wash” because I really try try try to scrub my scalp really well each and every time.  It also seems to take longer to air dry my hair. That’s fair. I have a lot of hair, and I started wondering if maybe the sebum on the hair was working to hold moisture in and other science stuff and then I got hungry and ate some grapes. But that’s not the point. My hair isn’t dry, I guess is the point. It looks healthy.  It feels like I have product in it – a little heavy, but maybe I only notice because I am suddenly obsessed with my hair in a way I haven’t been since I was a teen and thought it’d be neat to shave the sides in a realllly wide mohawk.

So… there you have it.  I’ve gone “no-poo” (and really? We need a better name than that.), and I intend to keep at it until I find a reason not to.


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  1. cuteellaisbold

    I wish it was a possibility. I’m in the pool a min of 3 days a week. 😦 My hair is a mess.

    • My swimmer uses something called Malibu 2000 Swimmer’s Water Action – her hair has improved a lot (softer, not so straw like) since she started using it.

  2. Loved your article. I, too, have eschewed the ‘poo – although it’s only been 6 days and counting. I have found a way around the strawberries/freesia/cookie thing: I spritz my hair with a little lavender oil/water whenever I start to worry about the no smell thing.


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