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Payback’s a bish

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My daughter is an excellent soccer player. Skilled, and with a powerful left and right foot.  She is fast and because of her long legs can cover distances impressively.  She also has no problems being physical if she thinks the situation calls for it.  It seems lately though, that she thinks the situation warrants it a lot. It seems lately that there are a lot more lanky arms (hers)  involved. I’m not going to say that I approve because that would be wrong (but I don’t disapprove – and I do have my reasons).

These past few games I’ve warned her that she was going to come up against someone who wasn’t going to take too kindly to her shenanigans.  Tonight she met that person. Tonight she got OWNED.  She got outrun, out kicked, and out shoved. #15 took her OUT not once, not twice, but three times.  

Our team got slaughtered. My child got humbled. She needed it. Good job #15.


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  1. You are a great mom for realizing this is a good thing.


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