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If you seek Amy

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So my kid and I were hanging out listening to music on you*tube and she was all, “I LOVE this song,” in the way that I’d be all, “I LOVE this song” if C&C Music Factory came on. The song in question was bouncy and lots of fun, but didn’t make much sense. She’s looking for Amy – everyone’s looking for Amy. They all want to find Amy.  I mosied on over to check out the lyrics because what I was hearing wasn’t matching up to what was being said.

Nice one, Britney. FUCK me. Ha! You got me!  Ha! And my 10 year old daughter, too. That is awesome and incredibly appropriate! We’re gonna hop right on i*tunes and download your entire collection. Except -wait… we’re NOT.

I could deal with the crazy and the naughty school-girl thing, but getting my 10 year old to inadvertently spell “F.U.C.K” isn’t slipping under my radar.

Seriously. What the if you seek Amy?!


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  1. LOL yeah… I probably would have never got that if I hadn’t heard about it when she was getting ready to release it as her new single and radio was like “no way.” So they changed it to say “if you see amy”… which makes no sense. I had to explain it all to Darrick… several times… before he got it. LOL.

  2. I dunno, it’s kind of catchy LOL


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