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I kind of hate opening WordPress. Not because it’s not a terrific blogging thingy, because it is. I ♥ WordPress. What I hate about going to my sign in page is that there are other blogs showcased – which, I don’t actually hate that part either because I think it’s an awesome way to direct traffic. But for whatever reason, WordPress has picked up on my neurosis and almost always features a blog that’s talking about proof of a new ice age, or proof that the sun’s gonna explode tomorrow, or proof that I, Cackin’ Rose, am going to expire in some horrendous way along with quadrillions of my closest friends.

Not cool, WordPress.

Usually when I click on the offered blog (because how can I NOT???) this man is disproving sloppy science and telling me to calm the f down and go about the business of just living my life. Sometimes he confirms that yes, we are expecting there to be a drop of temperatures. Soon. And not just like… 5 degrees, but more like you’d better re-watch The Day After the Day After Tomorrow (or whatever that Jake Gyllenhall/Dennis Quaid movie is) so you can pick up some pointers on how to survive.  How do you feel about Mexico now, bitches? Is it so wrong to want to keep my head so safely buried in the sand?

Yet, other times my attention is pulled away from imminent doom (where imminent =’s the sun will burn out in 5 bramillion years or and NOT the extended 5.5 brajillion years that we were expecting. The End is Nigh y’all. In 5 bramillion years.) by the much more pleasant and palatable PEOPLE blog.  I would MUCH rather worry about Kristin Stewart’s newest do (People wants to know if I love it or hate it. I totally love it. Nobody rocks the Joan Jett like Kristin. Except Joan Jett.) and David Beckham’s latest Armani panty ad where I can read other’s inspired comments (Wow! He’s hot! -says Jessie.  What’s going on with his hair? Lola wants to know).

Does that make me shallow, the fact that I’d rather focus on David Beckham’s crotch than this is the first time we’ve gone this long without a solar flare since 1918?

For reference, in case you’re wondering….

Kristin’s new do (or don’t?):


David’s newest panty ad (full sized. You’re welcome.):



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  1. Probably doesn’t count much…but i give you several hits a week! 😉


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