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The warmth of celebrity

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So some of you may know that my brother is something of an online celebrity.  He and his missus have this podcast and it’s pretty popular amongst the gamers.  I wasn’t aware of how popular really, until today when it worked to my advantage. 

So I’m at the game resale shop today buying Jack a copy of Halo Wars because it’s the only thing he wanted for Father’s Day except for Graeters’ Elena’s blueberry pie ice cream. I commenced to chatting with the manchild behind the desk about the game and how we’re big gamers (and by “we,” I mean everyone BUT me) in my family and blah blah blah, and he says, “I listen to Cag Foreplay all the time,” and I’m all, “That’s my brother.”

I’m pretty sure he might have jizz jizzed in his pants. He had to take a few “I am NOT going to freak out” breaths, but then he totally did. He freaked out. “I LOVE that show! THAT’S your brother?! Oh my GOD! SERIOUSLY? That. Is.!!” I nodded. I also took a few steps back. “No… seriously,” he said. “I listen to him all the time! He’s awesome.”

“Awesome enough to hook his sister up a little discount?” I asked.

Turns out he is exactly that awesome. Thanks Shipwreck.


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  1. My kid needs a DS – I’ve known the red haired child of the corn for a couple decades – what kinda discount does that get a girl.


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