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A crack in the armour

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Jack has this laid back, easy vibe that makes people question my sanity when I describe him as a control freak. He is, you know. And I think that’s why he’s so laid back, because he knows that things are going to go the way he had them planned simply because he’s planned them that way.  Plus? He’s one of those people who by all appearances aren’t bugged by little things like alien invasions, meteor/Earth collisions, global warming, global cooling, and clowns with axes. But? Tonight? He came upstairs a little freaked out.

“Have you ever stopped to consider the power of water?” he asked.

“???” I asked.

“Seriously. Dude. Tsunamis scare the crap out of me. That is some powerful shit. Like a wall. A solid flippin’ wall of water that just… destroys. Like… no conscience.”


“The power of water just freezes my shit.”

There you have it folks. My big, bad husband who poo-poos my fear of social chaos and pandemics? Brought to his knees by a tsunami. Folks? We live amongst the center states. Tsunami? Not on my list, and I have a very long list.

I’m thinking I might be able to work this to my advantage when he starts talking about the beach (again) as next year’s vacation destination.


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  1. You’re BORING! No wonder you don’t have any comments (or readers)!




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