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A few things. Gina, it’s probably boring so you might want to skip this entry.

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1) WordPress has redesigned its front page which caused me no small amount of relief. Now instead of being smacked in the gob with headlines about GLOBAL CLIMATE CATASTROPHE! and WORLD ENDS AT NOON!! MAYBE. it has all these organized pictures of featured blogs. Pretty cool and much kinder to my fight or flight reflex. Thank you, WordPress. (Also noted: I need to start including pictures in my posts if I want to be included in the “featured” section.) (Remind me to find my camera.)

2) Taking the advice of everyone who has ever seen her play we let Middy (the new nomer for Amelia. Middle child=Middy=Amelia. Make the appropriate mental notes) try out for select soccer.  She made it. We were not surprised.  The other girls on the team are excellent players. Also not a surprise.  None of us were worried because she seemed to blend in well with them during soccer camp and practices.  It seemed a good fit. 

Last night was Middy’s first scrimage on her select soccer team.  She scored a goal!!!!!


For the other team. 


She has NEVER done that. Not even in the wee early beginnings of her soccer career. Needless to say she sat out a lot of the scrimmage. I’m sure it won’t happen again (either because they won’t ever play her again or because she’s Middy and she seldom makes the same mistake twice***) but it is a little disconcerting to be the parent to “that kid.” It isn’t we don’t believe in her, because I have every faith that this was an anomaly. A blip. A breaking in moment while she gathers her footing and figures out how this faster paced, more skilled game works.  Still, going from SUPAHSTAH! to possibly the weakest member of a team (for now) is going to be an adjustment for us all.

*** Remind me to chat with you about non-sports related issues. I think I’m at a parenting crossroads with her.

3) On the flipside Amy had a KICK ASS swim season.  Tri-state Championships was incredible for her as she placed 11th out of 120 swimmers in backstroke and 14th out of 120 swimmers in butterfly.  I wish I’d remembered my camera because I have never seen her so proud of herself. Ever. It was as if someone flipped a switch inside her and she flipping GLOWED.  I know that to some this is simply shrug-worthy, but to me, her mother, this is SING TO THE MOUNTAINS awesome. After all these years of us encouraging to stick with something – you can’t improve if you keep giving up, believe in yourself – she realized that it was true.  Her sister isn’t the only one who makes grand accomplishments.  She isn’t doomed to a life in the shadow of her younger sibling.  The boost to her self-esteem since July has been palpable. Her walk is different, the way she holds herself is different. She actually PRACTICES her strokes and her turns without being nagged.  It couldn’t have come at a better time seeing as junior high starts in two weeks.  Always good to start the year on an up note.

4) Back to school.  Finally.  But seriously? Why does it have to be so damned expensive?

5) Reader Gina thinks I’m boring. I agree. Also? Suck it, Gina.


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  1. My youngest cost me an arm and a leg. The oldest, he had a summer job because frankly he’s almost 23, and seriously he can buy his own clothes. My s.d is married so thank god I don’t have to buy anything for her any more.

    • I can’t wait until I can give them their clothing allowance and be done with it. We’re not quite there yet – a few more years. Soon. I don’t believe in bulging closets and designer wardrobes, especially when they grow so darned fast, but I do like to give them enough so that they feel they have choices.


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