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Why we would never be allowed to own a dog

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“If we had a dog I’d name it Paul McCartney,” Middy said. “And I’d call it Paul McCartney. Not Paul.”

“Paul McCartney! Quit humping my leg. That’s a bad Paul McCartney!”

“Get out in the yard and clean up Paul McCartney’s poop.”

“Oh God! Paul McCartney just peed in the kitchen!”

Poor Paul McCartney. If we got him it’d only be for our amusement.


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  1. We have a stuffed dinasour named dean martin, “the baby is chewing Dean Martin’s head” is cute coming out of the two year olds mouth.

  2. If we had a rat in the garqage we would name it Gina. “gina is a disease carrying pest”, “Gina needs to be squished”, “oooh gross, Gina is eating old food and wet paper”.

  3. Oh, you know we have a raccoon that lives in our tree…and we named her Gina. J yells, “Gina is eating the garbage again, Mom.” at least once a week. And, our dog Murphy chases Gina right out of the yard daily and one day he is totally going to bite Gina’s ass.


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