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Oh yeah. She needs me.

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Interior: Chez Rosie – Kitchen. Afternoon.

ROSIE and ELDEST CHILD  are  at the kitchen table sharing an after school snack. ELDEST CHILD is nattering on about how cool 7th grade is so far. We join them mid-conversation.


…and it’s so awesome that I sit right in front of Camille in World Studies because we’re like best friends and I didn’t think I’d know anyone and OHMIGAWD! You have to drive me to school right now!!!




Because I totally forgot my homework and it’s due tomorrow and Mrs. S is like totally scary.

Close up of ROSIE banging her head repeatedly on kitchen table.



The first day of school, people. The first day of school and SHE FORGOT HER HOMEWORK. This does not bode well.



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  1. I could have given her a ride – AS I WAS RETURNING TO MY OLDEST’S SCHOOL FOR THE EXACT SAME THING! Gotta love the first day.

  2. Rosie, you’re singin’ my song. My tall boy is a senior this year, and everyone kept telling me, “it’s a developmental thing — he’ll grow out of his forgetfulness.” Well here we are, thirteen years later and he’s still sucking the life out of me with the, “I forgot my homework.”

    RE: my Ramen blog the other day, YOU, my new best friend, are the only person who praised my Pioneer Woman skills! That’s why I love you best now.


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