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Packing up the seeds God planted…

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I don’t even know what that means. Or it could be that I’ve got the lyrics wrong. I do that sometimes.  But whatever it is, I’m taking a blogging break. It’s time to take stock of my life and my goals with my writing. It’s too easy to put my creative energy towards this blog (and that other one) than it is to put it towards that actual manuscript I’m supposed to be working on. The one a Very Big Agent wanted to see 5 years ago and I said, “Absolutely! I’ll mail it as soon as I put the finishing touches on it.”  And then I have that other one that I started last year. It’s good. It’s been halfway finished for about six months. I haven’t looked at it in three of those six months. Funny how the words “You could go places in this industry” will send me the opposite direction in a haze of fear. 

It’s time to face the fear. It’s time to finish what I started. It’s time to look up those damn lyrics ’cause now it’s really bothering me.

It’s also time to give my family its privacy. The girls are getting older and their stories are no longer mine to share.


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  1. Are we not writing the same book? Seriously. I got like 30 pages in an stopped. Do you think they’re really still waiting to see these books?

    • Oh hell no. Can you see my cover letter? Dear Ms. Agent, Five years ago you gave me your card and said that we should talk. I’m ready now….

      You should continue writing.

  2. Yes! Finish the book! Please! I want to read it! Thanks for the nice comment.


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