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That’s me. I’ll be your narrator. I am 38  41 years old, married, and mother of 3. I like 80’s music, hanging out with my family, and bestowing the occasional poorly made craft on unsuspecting friends and family members.  No really, my crafts never turn out like the picture.   I don’t do anything interesting except blog. I used to tell people I was a writer, but that got difficult to say with a straight face.  Currently I’m into BBC America and water aerobics preparing for 2012 and doing those neck exercises so when the apocalypse comes I at least don’t have a waddle.


That’s my husband. He is a private, paranoid man – always worried I’m going to put our pictures and address and bidness “out there.” Whatever. He’s also 38, one of those brilliant type persons, and the father of our three daughters.   He doesn’t like anything I’ve written about him in humor, so I’ll tell the truth. He’s a giving man who puts up with my b.s. and has given me a life that I did not expect to have.  He’s truly one of the best people I know and I don’t show him the love he deserves.   I’m sorry I hurt his  feelings in an attempt to be “edgy.”  Consider it pre-payback for all those, “There’s mom. Feeding her face,” comments he’s put on the home videos.


Our oldest daughter. She’s almost 11 12  15. She’s brilliant and tall and beautiful and awkward and not sure who she is yet. When she’s not busy worrying about the state of the universe and the poor children who live in the Himalayan mountains, she’s actively dealing with her anger-management issues ignoring her homework. She suffers from that pre-pubescent human belief that NO ONE EVER IN THE HISTORY OF PEOPLE HAS EVER FELT THE WAY SHE FEELS. WE JUST DON’T UNDERSTAAAAAAAAND HOW BAD IT IS TO BE HER. We love her, but d’yamn she makes us tired.


She is 9 10 12 and our 2nd born and pretty much does everything well. Smart, tall, slender, athletic, popular, she’s your basic nightmare of a closely born sibling to have. She has yet to succumb to the misery that engulfs tweeners, but we’re not holding our collective breath. She couldn’t find a purple elephant in an otherwise empty white room and she often forgets that other people need to be… uh… you know… considered as she lives her charmed little life.  She loves hanging out with her big sister, ignoring her little sister, and being surrounded by her many many many friends. She, too, makes us tired.


Our youngest at 3 6 years old. She is our common denominator and very much spoiled and loved.  Emotional and loving like her oldest sister, a social go getter like her other sister, she is a force of nature. You will be her friend.  She is game for anything and hates being the baby of the family.  Recently she’s learned to read and ride her bike without training wheels.

BFF Glenda…

My best friend forevah! We’ve been friends for almost 23 25 years. Christ we’re old.  She and her husband and kids relocated to Las Vegas last fall and the two of us are miserable at being separated – however, we’re also titillated at the prospect of trannies, celebrities, and legal prostitution!


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  1. Oh but we DO enjoy reading YOUR version of the humdrum of life!

  2. Please join my RUSH fan group!



  3. Bummer, I thought Troy ment Rush Limbaugh. Ugh I can’t continence that devil music.

  4. Have you tried online? I just looked, first click, Target. $200. I know it isn’t $99. but hey, I looked!


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